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JYDP will look to coordinate an in-school appearance by an NBA Legend for those schools who garner the most participation by their students.  Students must track reading as well as complete tasks within the workbook.  Schools can focus on any number of the various four topics within the book.  Once completed, the Read60 Director Brenda Villegas will help coordinate school assemblies with NBA Legend(s).

JYDP is excited to be partnered with Communities in Schools and the NBRPA Las Vegas Chapter that includes; Toronto, Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Houston, Atlanta and Orlando. JYDP encourages schools to search their local communities for organizations willing to help support the expansion of READ60 for other schools in need.

NBRPA LV & JYD Project want to deliver as many books to students in elementary, intermediate and high school as they can.  We raise money to cover the cost of each book.  To accomplish the goal of delivering 25,000 Books to TDSB, our fundraising goal is $100,000..  Through the fan frenzy of NBA All-Star weekend, the potential media platform is in place to do something big. 

Celebrities like Drew Scott & Snoop Dogg have signed up to play in our 1st READ60 Charity Jam game in Toronto Feb. 11th at Jarvis Collegiate alongside former NBA, ABA and Harlem Globetrotters!!

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Access to education is a basic human right. It reduces poverty and child labor and offers the tools needed to succeed in life.The purpose of READ60 is to be a tool; during or afterschool, to motivate learning. JYD Project Inc. (JYDP) will deliver workbooks to approved schools and organizations that are in search of additional resources in the areas of Bullying, Poetry, Financial Literacy and Health & Fitness. 
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We exist to encourage kids to read 60-mins a day 

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Drew Scott(Property Brothers TV)                 and SNOOP DOGG

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This workbook’s goal is to bring enjoyment and at the same time encourage children to read material including the top (3) core subjects in schools; Math, English & Science.  The JYD Project (JYDP) understands that the key to success in education are met through reading a variety of subjects.  It is our hope that all young people stay healthy and develop a love of reading.